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Our Company

With the rise in population and excessive use of non-renewable energy resources, we have made renewable energy resources the new necessity. The positivity and effectiveness of renewable energy resources on the environment, are unmatched. In conjunction with its Solarverse program, Fusion Renewable is building the infrastructure to elegantly and imminently address future needs.


With an increase in awareness of the need for renewable energy, this sector has opened countless opportunities that need a collective response. Solarverse is the practical outcome of that vision. Solarverse believes in converting bright thinking into bright actions. Consequently, the renewable energy economy will be the focal point that will benefit everyone.  


Renewable energy will generate over $16 trillion by 2030. We can connect these global growth trends with the needs of our industry and community through Solarverse.


New and skilled talent is the foundation to keep up with solar and renewable construction's rapid growth. We create the training, opportunities, and jobs to move us all into an even brighter future by bringing together partners from industry, communities, government, and private enterprises.


Energy reliability and safety are essential to our economy and society. Ensuring the health of communities and the environment is vital when providing bespoke power solutions to large-scale clients.

Our Founders

With years of experience, our team is backed by some of the most experienced professionals.

From A to Z, we provide the highest level of service and 360 degree

support for all the project needs.

  • Co Founder (Chief Strategy Officer).

  • 25 years of experience in the real estate and energy investment industry.

  • Co-founded Fusion Ventures (2000) and the JV (2021).

  • Experienced in managing multi-million dollars project investments.

  • Leading the growth strategy and the business development of Fusion Renewable NA. 

• 20 years of international business leadership experience with 15 years working with some of the largest energy sector companies in Israel and the United States.
• Prolific experience of executing billions of dollars of deals in the energy industry.
• Secured over $10 million funding from strategic investors as a development fund for the 600MW+ projects.
• Leads the management of Fusion Renewable NA and its affiliates.

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