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iSun-fusion is a Joint Venture between Fusion Renewable NA, LLC  & iSun Inc.


At its inception, this joint venture was founded in order to enter this significant market, coincident with the largest acceleration in the deployment of PV technology in the world’s history.


The companies partnered up to develop all opportunities in the US market, initially in the utility-grade space and soon moving into the C&I and residential sectors, and EV charging.


We strive to be both a solar developer and a reliable and fully engaged gateway to complex market opportunities, investing in the upcoming and inevitable growth of solar in the US.


Accelerated Project Implementation

Once we summarize the details, our equipment and technology are ready for action as quickly and efficiently as possible To set up the solar farm in your area.

Our experience enables a project management system that makes decisions quickly and efficiently, solving problems in the field while fully cooperating to achieve our goals.


In-Sourcing (in India)

iSUNFusion has established an advanced and high-quality service system that functions with great professionalism to serve our customers.

The location of the support center in India helps customers to enjoy a synchronized service with the operating staff in the United States around the clock and of course, significantly reduces the running costs of the support.



After the establishment of the infrastructure, we will manage advanced work processes in your field project, while linking to the procedures and options that exist in the field.

We will make sure that the project gets the most out of the area while building as many automated operations as possible.


Cost of Capital

Fusion Renewable is fully backed by institutional players and pre-secured equity for all its activity. This results in a relatively cheap cost of capital which makes our project more secure and more profitable.


Leadership in Technological Adoption

The collaboration between Fusion Renewable and iSUN contains 750 years of industrial, managerial, and operational experience of advanced solar technology, energy, energy storage, and charging of electric vehicles.

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